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Capture the Colour

soblushed nominated me to take part in a contest named Capture the Colour. The details can be found in the competition page of the TravelSupermaket‘s site, but in short here are the rules:
  • Publish a blog post with photos that capture the following 5 colours: Blue, Green, Yellow, White and Red.
  • Nominate 5 fellow bloggers to take part in the contest.
  • Due date: 29th August 2012.
  • First prize: 1x £2000 to spend on travelling / 5x iPad3.
  • Judges: Ken Kaminesky, Abi King, Dave & Deb, Christine Gilbert, Daniel Nahabedian
green: St llorenç del munt - Catalunha. What matter isn't the destination, it's the way you took to reach it!

white: Madeira - Portugal. - The weather was white and beautifull at the top of the highest mountain of the island. The sun is peeking shy but it's not enough to melt the snow nor to warm the bones.

blue: Barcelona. There's a time beetwen the end of the day and the start of the night, Twilight.

Red: Istanbul breaths color. it's everywhere, from the ground to the "ceiling". Up there, dancing with the wind, fly hundreds of which is the symbol of these people, their national flag.

Yellow: The merchant is a magical place, full of color, taste and scent. The Grand Bazaar in Instanbul is no exception with many spices and so much more, awaiting their destiny!

I nominate:

francisca paulos from
sofia mexiquer from
lúcia from
nessa from
lau figueiredo from


6 comentários

  1. Ana as fotos são lindas.
    Foste tu que as tiras-te?

  2. a foto com a cor branca e a azul tao um maximo! good job! mt fixe por teres participado :)

  3. Adorei todas as fotos! :)
    Obrigada por me avisares e nomeares para este concurso.


  4. acho que já não vou a tempo! Só vi o teu post hoje! :/
    as fotos estão lindas!

  5. Love, love the pictures from Barcelona, Madeira and Istanbul. Really great!

  6. Me encantan todas las fotos!! Que tal fue por Barcelona?!!


i heart you.


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